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Past Events in 2012

KELLY JOE PHELPS Brother Sinner & The Whale
Friday, December 7/12
Genre: Roots Music

Brother Sinner & The Whale is not just about the guitar, but more than before it’s about the lyrics. Phelps has managed to create a fine mix between the two, which makes it a very strong harmonious album. It is a pure recording without a word of untruth. Every word and every note comes from the inside, not just because of Phelps’ lyrics and fine guitar playing, but also because of his clear, in-tune voice, colored by experience.

Brother Sinner & The Whale has everything you would expect from a Phelps recording and could well be his best yet.


Friday, November 23/12

“Bringing the Blues back to Jazz.”

Who are they you ask?  Amos, of course.  First chair guitar and vocals.  Keith Smith, other first chair guitar. And Greg Carroll, string bass.  You can read about Amos in the Bio on his web site ( so here is some info on Keith and Greg.  A little detail....

Keith Smith – A consummate Canadian fingerstyle jazz guitarist—adept at chord soloing and the use of elaborate plucked harmonics and alternating harmonics and natural fretted notes as pioneered by Ed Bickert and Chet Atkins and then taken to the moon by Lenny Breau ( a major influence on Keith).  Originally from Hamilton, Ontario and long term resident of Calgary, Keith is and has been involved in several projects including his own trio and the Prime Time Big Band with whom he has performed with such luminaries as Doc Severinsen, P.J.Perry, ,Tommy Banks, and trombone great Wycliffe Gordon.  He also has a fondness for Mongolian folk music and has toured China twice with The Northern Lights Quartet and the great Mongolian throat singing group Altai Hangai.

Greg Carroll—String bassist.  Originally from St Georges, Newfoundland, and long time adopted Albertan, he studied jazz at St. Francais Xavier University where he obtained a BA music major.  He studied under the instruction of the Canadian bass icon Skip Beckwith, becoming his star pupil.  Greg lives in High River, Alberta and has performed with many Canadian music luminaries.

What do they do you ask?  Start with classic bebop era modern jazz with it’s heavy blues influence.  The group’s motto “ Bringing the Blues back to Jazz” says a lot.  Says Keith-“In our search for something profound, we so often just settle for something more complicated and in the process, drive much of our audience away.  The Blues, as the “antecedent of”and a driving force in Jazz seems to have largely disappeared from it.  That’s not to say that current Jazz is incomplete without it.  I just miss the “feel”, the “blood and guts” that was there when the music was more visceral and perhaps a bit less intellectual.”

The repertoire includes pieces from the era’s great blues influenced composers—Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Sonny Rollins, Horace Silver and Freddy Hubbard, to name a few.  Originals too, by Amos and Keith. “We swerve away from the jazzblues thing some of the time to show the variety and versatility the group has” says Amos.  Various Latin forms like Bossas, modalities and even a few standards (with Amos on vocals) are dropped into an evening’s performance.  Maybe a Bill Frisell piece.  An album is forthcoming.

Finally—What do they sound like?  Answer—Like nothing you’ve ever heard before.

Assuming you have some idea of Amos’ utterly unique approach to the guitar, when it’s combined with Keith’s also one of a kind style there’s a compatibility there that’s uncanny.  The trio’s approach is extremely melodic and rhythmic as well – a common comment the group often hears after the show is “You know, Jazz really isn’t my thing, but I love what you guys are doing!”  

Thursday, November 15/12

The Front Porch Roots Revue will take to the stage and bring down the house on Nov. 15th. This Edmonton based blues and roots group includes the talents of Ron Rault, Bobby Cameron, Stewart McDougall and Dave "Crawdad" Cantera. Join us for an outstanding evening of acoustic blues.

Front porch roots review

The Front Porch Roots Revue is a shifting group of western Canadian roots musicians who stir up a hearty gumbo of sounds that include blues, swing, gospel, folk and country. Ron Rault, Stewart MacDougall and Crawdad Cantera more often than not are at the core of any given Front Porch show. Over the past number of years Front Porch has won over audiences at major festivals including the Edmonton Folk Music Festival, established folks clubs and theatres.

STEVE PINEO - Genre: Roots Music

Friday, November 2/12

Steve Pineo is the writer of “Canadian Man” by Paul Brandt and “Too Bad For Me” by Prairie Oyster.  He is also a unique and talented performer in his own right.  Working as a solo act, with an acoustic trio, with a four piece roots rock band or an 8 piece horn band, Steve’s sound is immediately recognizable.  Like Ry Cooder and Mark Knopfler, Steve is a virtuoso guitar player who’s style was originally blues-based but has expanded its palette over the years.  Also like Cooder and Knopfler, Steve writes about characters who could be part of a soundtrack in a “slice of life” movie.  His flair for sly satire and gentle humour is comparable to John Prine and Ray Davies.

Over the years, Steve has gone from promising new-comer to respected veteran while maintaining the integrity of his work in a changing marketplace.  His band, the Groovemakers was a blues/funk/rock hybrid  which electrified the scene in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  Beautiful Joe was a country rock band with a devoted following, and the Co-Dependents were one of the best rock bands Calgary (and Canada ) ever produced.  Steve has shared the stage with a who’s who of the Canadian and international music scene and appeared at numerous folk, blues and jazz music festivals.

Steve was born in Toronto Ontario, learned guitar at age nine, moved to Calgary in 1978, went to Western Canada High School, took a brief stab at post secondary at U Vic., and then started his musical career.  He played solo acoustic gigs at the Kensington Deli Café one night and blues gigs at the King Eddie the next day

and was virtually unstoppable at house parties.  With a legendary bag of songs, he could sing until sun up without repeating a tune.  Although he’s a little older and wiser now, Steve Pineo still pursues his music with a relentless, restless passion and a thirst for truth and inspiration that will continue for the rest of his life.

Foothills Folk Club presents:
KRIS DEMEANOR - Genre: Alternative / Folk / Indie
Sunday, October 21/12

Kris Demeanor was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada right about the time of the first moon landing, the son of a Swedish beauty queen and a German General Proficiency award winner. He's a songwriter and performer who writes and sings about the funny, dark, absurd, maddening, and the joyful for people who like to think, dance, laugh, cry and party.
Kris has put out six CDs of original music, a couple of award winning videos, created and performed for the theatre, and toured clubs and folk festivals around Canada, Australia and Europe, both solo and with his Crack Band.
His music draws on classic folk storytelling, spoken word/rap, and shamelessly hooky pop, which both complicates things for all involved and makes them more interesting.

  • "... the man, seriously, is the best thing going in Canadian music these days. Musically adventurous and lyrically stunning."       Ls Siemieniuk, Penguin Eggs
  • "Calgary native Kris Demeanor is a truly original musical talent. One part spoken word, one part hip hop, one part folk-country, one part rock--you have to see him live to appreciate how all these parts fit so uniquely well together."      National Arts Centre programme, Alberta Scene spoken word showcase
  • "If irony is indeed Canada's national sport, Mr. Demeanor is a first-round draft choice."                       Dug Simpson, Vancouver Folk Music Festival Program.
  • "Kris Demeanor has a knack for seeing the unusual in ordinary people and circumstances, cleverly wordsmithing the tales. His melodies and phrases are strong and catchy, and the diversity of styles and approaches to his music make his tunes stand out, whether done solo or with accompaniment."
    Kerry Clarke, Artistic Director, Calgary Folk Festival

STEVE COFFEY & THE LOKELS - Genre: Prairie Roots Folk Rock Fusion
Friday, October 19/12

Western Canadian Singer/Songwriter Steve Coffey & his band The Lokels (Russ Baker, Dave Bauer, Lance Loree & Ray McAndrew) have been writing, recording & performing for years.  They have released 5 dynamic albums of original songs to date, along with numerous videos’ (MuchMusic) and films (Bravo! Canada’s Arts & Entertainment Channel) all of which have received critical acclaim in print & radio both in Canada and abroad.

  • "It's Prairie music...vividly poetic images in a raw, intense form that owes as much to punk rock as to Woody Guthrie. Dark compelling work & Bare bones majestic magic." - Victoria Times Colonist
  • “..a brilliant collection of Prairie roots folk rock fusion with the Lokels rich instrumentation and brilliant harmonies.” -Penguin Eggs

Steve Coffey & The Lokels (& many combinations of trios, duos & solos) have performed at many a club, festival and event over many years.  Each band member has performed across Canada many times.  For Steve a few notable 'moments' include: CKUA First Friday in Medicine Hat; The Calgary Folk Festival; South & North Country Fairs, Wild Oats & Notes; The Sidetrack, Lydia's, Broken City, Central Music Festival & he's a regular at Calgary's Ironwood Stage & Grill.  Steve was part of Canadian Music Week in Toronto as a member of The Kitchen Boys & has performed in Europe (Poznan, Poland).
Steve has shared the stage with such folks as Bill Bourne, Corb Lund, Fred Eaglesmith, Willie P. Bennett, Caitlin Cary, Karla Anderson, Rae Spoon, Dick Damron, Lee Harvey Osmond, Diamond Joe White & Rhonda Vincent to name a few.  Finally, The Film Steve Coffey & The Lokels SAME BOY was purchased & presented by BRAVO, Canada's Arts & Entertainment Channel which began airing on Sept 11of 2007.  The 1/2 hour film aired more than a dozen times before completing it's 3 year run.

Friday, October 12/12 Tickets: $15.00 Show time: 8:00 pm

    Calum Graham
  • 2011 Winner of the 'Song For Canada' Contest
  • 2010 Winner of the Canadian Guitar Competition
  • 2009 Canadian Youth Talent Competition Winner
  • 2009 Calgary Stampede Talent Search Grand Prize Winner

Locally, he needs no introduction.  Mention just his first name in these parts and automatically people know you’re referring to the 20-year-old, bright-eyed, frosted-tipped, wunderkind guitarist, Calum Graham.

Nationally, he has broken ground already, sharing studios with Raine Maida of Our Lady Peace, Chantal Kreviazuk (the Chantal Kreviazuk) and – not too shabby either – the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.  As he naturally branches into international territory, all that is familiar might be about to change.

It’s obvious the beginning part is over.  No longer bogged down by the torment artists face to get noticed or find their voice, Graham is bursting with ideas of new markets and major artists with which to grow alongside.

Gordon Belsher & Richard Wood  Prince Edward Island style Kitchen Party

Friday, September 28

Gordon Belsher has been entertaining audiences in Canada and around the world for more than a quarter of a century performing solo at concerts, ceilidhs, conventions, and pubs.
“With a gentle charm that has become his trademark, the Guernsey Cove musician sang songs, told stories and urged his audience to join in, much to their delight and to his."    - Sally Cole, The Guardian
"He consistently brings 110 per cent to the stage and is always thinking foremost of giving the audience the quality show it deserves."    - Eddy Quinn, The Eastern

For more than two decades, Richard Wood has impressed audiences all across Canada, as well as in the US, Europe, and Japan.  Highlights include TV guest appearances with Shania Twain on “David Letterman” and “Good Morning America,” Carnegie Hall with Irish legends The Chieftains, a featured performer on CBC’s Canada Day on Parliament Hill, “Rita MacNeil and Friends,” and with Jean Butler of Riverdance on “Celtic Electric.”

Richard has played for Canada’s Prime Minister and Governor General, the Queen of England (in Toronto), and for the Emperor of Japan in Tokyo.  In the late 1990s he toured the UK & Europe headlining concert halls and folk festivals.  He’s since played at the Lincoln Centre in New York City, Epcot at Disney World, and was a featured performer in the touring fiddle spectacle “Bowfire.”

Steve Pineo’s 5th Annual DEAD ELVIS DAY

Friday August 17, 2012

Dead Elvis Steve PineoSteve's exceptional songwriting may move through many styles but his musical forays always reflect his exceptional musicianship and rich, true voice.  A mainstay of Alberta's vibrant 'roots music' scene, he is certain to explode onto the international stage when the word gets out...    - Kit Johnson

The word “finesse” comes to mind when defining Steve Pineo.  He is, all around, the best guitar player I have ever worked with.  - Billy Cowsill, The Cowsills




Morgan Davis  

Friday, August 10/12    Tickets: $15.00    Show Time:  8:00 pm

Morgan's deep resonating voice and true-to-the-roots guitar work make a great combination. Anyone who appreciates straight-up blues delivered with taut, tough intensity and a good dose of humour will love Morgan Davis. Simply stated, for my money, he is one of Canada's best bluesmen.

  • 2005:  Songwriter of the Year, "Maple Blues Award"
  • 2004:  Blues Album of the Year, Painkiller, "JUNO"
  • 2004:  Recording of the Year, Painkiller, "Maple Blues Award"
  • 2004:  Male Vocalist of the Year, "Maple Blues Award"
  • 2004:  Producer of the Year, Morgan Davis with Alec Fraser for Painkiller, "Maple Blues Award"
  • 2004:  SOCAN Songwriter of the Year, "Maple Blues Award"
  • 2000:  Acoustic Artist of the Year.  "Toronto Blues Society"
  • 1999:  Producer of the Year, Blues Medicine, "Maple Blues Award"
  • 1999: Song Writer of the Year, SOCAN, "Maple Blues Award"
  • 1996:  Blues with a Feeling Award, "Toronto Blues Society"
  • 1995:  Blues Band of the Year, "Jazz Report"
  • 1994:  Blues Artist of the Year, "Jazz Report


Friday, July 20, 2012

Bringing together a number of veteran performers from the Calgary country, blues and gypsy jazz scenes in a shared love of western swing - performing original songs and tunes from the repertoires of Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys, Merle Travis, Floyd Tillman, Ray Price....

Alan Baekland (guitar, vocals) : Former host of CJSW’s “Bootheel Drag” radio program, and a member of The Rembetika Hipsters and The Now People, former member of Tom Phillips and the Men of Constant Sorrow, possessed of an encyclopaedic knowledge of country music.

Johnathan Lewis (fiddle) : Member of The Plaid Tongued Devils and the Rembetika Hipsters, Johnathan has also done numerous theatre productions as a musician and sound designer.

Charlie Veilleux (pedal steel guitar) : Former member of Sundance Saddle Company, currently a Man of Constant Sorrow, Charlie has decades of experience on his instrument.

Garry Gelhorn (drums) : Also a current Man of Constant Sorrow, Garry has played with too many prominent Calgary bands to list here.

Gord Bregg (bass and back-up vocals): Gord is a former Man of Constant Sorrow, and a current member of Blueswak (hosts of the monthly Ironwood Blues Jam).

Tim Williams (guitar, mandolin, vocals) : An in-demand solo performer, leader of Tim Williams & the Electro-Fires, cd producer for hire, and sound designer/musical director for numerous theatre companies, Tim has toured over half the globe.

A very busy and gifted group of players, united by a love of Western Swing and Honky Tonk Country...Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys, Merle Travis, and much more.


Friday, July 13, 2012

Featuring:  Gordon McCulloch (Vocals), Ann Gray (Bagpipes), Robin Tufts (Drums), Peter Clark (Guitar / vocals) and Barbra Rose Olorenshaw (Fiddle / vocals)

Seanachie (shaw-na-key) came into being as a band in 1994 and soon established itself as one of the most highly regarded Celtic groups in Western Canada.  Earning accolades for their live performances and their first two CDs (Telling Tales and Quarrel With Whisky).  Seanachie has developed a loyal following both in Canada and in the United States.  More recently, released a CD (A Parting Cup) and a collaborative CD (Five Days In April) with a Portland based group going by the name “Raven”.

Seanachie has an outstanding line-up of seasoned professional musicians.  True to their name (Seanachie is Gaelic for “Story Teller), the group weaves together stories in song and inspiring, exciting instrumental compositions.  Scotland born Gordon MeCulloch creates compelling songs and delivers them with a truly remarkable voice.  Ann Gray has won piping awards throughout North America and Scotland.  She composes and arranges most of Seanachie's instrumental repertoire.  Robin Tufts brings his highly regarded skills as a percussionist and kit drummer to the mix.  Peter Clark deepens the groove with bass, baritone and acoustic guitars.  Completing the line-up is Barbra Rose Olorenshaw, who brings tremendous abilities to the group as a fiddler and singer.
The group's other credits include live performances across Canada and in the United States.  In 2003, the band performed at the Celtic festival in Montevideo, Uruguay.  Seanachie's receive frequent radio play on CKUA and the group has appeared on television programs including the Vicki Gabereau Show, Good Morning Canada,, CBC's Rough Cuts and the “A” Channel's Big Breakfast and Wired.  Their music video (The Waulking Set) has had regular rotation on CMT.
This will be Seanachie’s fifth appearance at Carlson’s and the previous four were sold out well in advance, so if you plan on coming, don’t wait till the last minute to get your tickets.



Thursday, June 21

Calgary’s newest Rockabilly band called “The Beverley Thrillbillies” will pay Carlson’s on Macleod a visit on June 21. Come along for a Rockabilly Ride with The Beverly Thrillbillies


  • Mike Lownsbrough (Vocals)
  • Dave Hamilton (Lead Guitar)
  • Kevin Belzner (Drums)
  • Niel Bently (Guitar)
  • Mel Wilson (Guitar)

Spyder Hockey fund raiser featuring “LORI KOLE”

Wednesday, June 20

Lori KoleThere will be a concert on June 20th featuring Nashville recording artist Lori Kole in High River at Carlson’s on Macleod. Please join us for an intimate evening with Lori Kole, great Country Music, hor d’ourves, and prizes including a 4H side of beef.
Proceeds go to the Spider Hockey Fundraising effort. The Spider Hockey game and Gala is going to be one of the premier events in the Foothills designed to raise funds for Soldier On. Soldier On is an organization that helps injured soldiers and the MFRC ( Military Family Resource Center) who help soldiers and their families through difficult times. We have chosen the name Spider Hockey in the hopes of raising enough money to supply 8 limbs to soldiers who need prosthetics for sports activities thus giving them the opportunity to have an active life.
The Spider Hockey game is being played in the memory of Sapper Steven Marshall who lost his life while in service.

Sapper Steven MarshallOctober 30, 2009, Sapper Steven Marshall, 24, from 11 Field Squadron, 1 Combat Engineer Regiment, based in Edmonton, was killed by an improvised device that detonated near his dismounted patrol.
He was patrolling 10 kilometres southwest of KandOn ahar City in the Panjwai district when the bomb exploded.




Bruce Innes & Doris Daily -- 100 YEARS OF THUNDER

With special guest Devon Cole

Saturday, June 16 2012

100 years of thunder

Four award-winning historical writing, music, photography and western poetry artists have collaborated on a CD project called “100 Years of Thunder: a tribute to the 100th anniversary of the Calgary Stampede.”

Singer-songwriter Bruce Innes, western poet Doris Daley, author Wendy Bryden and photographer Neville Palmer have produced a project that draws from each of their four areas of expertise.

“100 Years of Thunder mimics the can-do spirit and ingenuity of the very event it celebrates,” said Innes, who also produced and engineered the project. “Talented people working together to celebrate the west . . . that’s what we have accomplished with this unique collaboration.”

Like the Calgary Stampede itself, Daley said, the project is Alberta born and bred. The CD features 10 original poems by Daley and 10 original songs by Innes, each set paying tribute to a Calgary Stampede theme. Subjects include Outlaw the bucking bull, chuckwagon races, Indian Village, cowboy fever, Calgary’s iconic white hat, pancake breakfasts plus Guy Weadick, Flores LaDue and the Big Four.
Bryden has written historical essays based on each of the past 10 decades of the Stampede, illustrated by Palmer’s breathtaking photographic art in the CD liner note booklet.

Innes underscores the uniqueness of the project. “Four different disciplines are represented,” Innes said. “The CD itself combines poetry and music for a power-packed, emotional and entertaining ride through 100 years of Stampede history. Wendy’s essays and Neville’s photography add an historical and visual element not typically found in your average CD project.”

All the artists are Albertans either by birth or by choice. Wendy Bryden is an acclaimed Calgary writer whose recent book, “The First Stampede of Flores LaDue,” showcases the adventure, history, drama and love story of Calgary Stampede founder Guy Weadick and his trick roper cowgirl sweetheart Flores.

Doris Daley, born and raised in southern Alberta ranch country, has twice been named top female cowboy poet in North America. Daley makes her living writing and reciting contemporary western poetry on stages throughout the United States and Canada.

Bruce Innes is an internationally acclaimed singer, songwriter, performer and recording artist. He is the founder and leader of the Canadian group, The Original Caste, a folk blues vocal band. His decades-long career includes gold records and top 10 hits on various international charts. Innes splits his time between Los Angeles, California, Sun Valley, Idaho, and Millarville, Alberta.

Neville Palmer is an Alberta commercial photographer who specializes in location shooting. Palmer makes his home in High River.

One hundred years of western spirit and rodeo history is worth celebrating, and 100 Years of Thunder serves it up with history, art, music, stories, emotion and cowboy spirit all rolled into one.




INSTINCTIVE TRAVELS     --  CD Release “The Past in the Present”

Thursday, June 14 2012

Featuring Nicholas Bettcher (Guitar), Paul Belzner (Guitar) and Cole Joyce (Bass)

Jim & Lynda McLennan With a guest appearance by Berna-Dean Holland

Saturday, June 9/12

Jim & Lynda McLennanJim McLennan is best-known for his profile in the world of fly fishing, but he has also been a serious musician for over 40 years.
He was part of the acoustic music scene that flourished in Edmonton in the ‘70s and ‘80s, producing artists like Connie Kaldor, Roy Forbes, and Bill Bourne.  Jim developed a strong reputation as a finger-style guitarist and arranger, specializing in coaxing piano and big band music out of a single acoustic guitar.

Through his interest in arranging the ragtime music of Scott Joplin, McLennan met American acoustic guitar guru Stefan Grossman and subsequently recorded several of his arrangements for Grossman’s Kicking Mule Record Company in the 1970s.  His music has also been featured in Guitar Player magazine.  Although McLennan took a 20-year hiatus from performing, his passion for the guitar remains.

Currently he most frequently performs as a solo artist, and as an accompanist for his wife Lynda on vocals.  Jim is also a member of singer/songwriter Berna Dean Holland's band, and can also be head accompanying his brother Hugh McLennan in the  Western Spirit Band at Western Music and Cowboy Poetry gatherings throughout the West.

He also appears occasionally on recordings or in public performance with Cowboy Celtic, Tom Cole, Joe Cunningham, Steve Fisher, John Fraser, Paul Rumbolt, Tanya Ryan, David Wilkie, and Denise Withnell.  In 2011, Jim's first solo CD, "Six-String Gumbo" was released.  Shortly after, it was chosen by CKUA Radio as their "CD of the Week."

Lynda McLennan taught high-school music for many years, working with choirs, bands, jazz choirs and was music director for several Mainstage musicals.  She has directed church choirs and retired after 15 years as the Director of the Big Rock Singers, a community choir in her home town of Okotoks, Al Jim and Lynda McLennan began fly fishing together in the 1970s. Since then the McLennans have been teaching fly fishing, writing about fly fishing, photographing fly fishing, and making presentations about fly fishing around Alberta and beyond.

This dynamic duo, have many common interests and whatever they do, they do it together and they get fully engaged in it

Cat Jahnke

Friday, June 8/12

Cat JahnkeIt's unlikely there are many people as intimately familiar with the inside of a KIA hatchback as Cat Jahnke.  With her trusty guitar in hand, this singer-songwriter and die-hard prairie girl has racked up an impressive record, having performed over 300 shows across Canada in only a few short years.
When not on the road, Cat has been busy writing and recording her new CD "The Stories Are Taking Their Toll."  This latest full-length album contains 13 songs which range from quirky pop tunes to folk rock rants, all highlighting Cat's incomparable vocal quality, her multi-instrumentalist skills, and her trademark tongue-in-cheek storytelling.  Standouts on the album include "Apple," chosen as the theme song for the hit NBC webseries "Ctrl," and "You Do Me Wrong," which won Best Original Score at the 168 Hour Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA.

Cat JahnkeThis album follows the success of Cat's 2006 release, "None of Those Things," a breakout performance that earned her songwriting accolades from numerous international competitions, two featured slots in the revolutionary European video game system, "iDance," as well as greater exposure on the Canadian media scene, including extensive airplay on CBC Radio and a featured song spot on the CTV hit television series "Degrassi: The New Generation."

Not one to limit herself to what she's already done, in the past few years Cat and her songwriting prowess have been in demand on a variety of projects.  Working in partnership with various producers in Hollywood, Cat has scored several short films, penned and produced made-to-order pop tunes for movie trailers, and composed the theme song and all related music for the first ever standalone webseries created by a major television network (NBC's "Ctrl" starring Tony Hale).
All this, in addition to her demanding touring schedule, has further honed Cat's songwriting craft and musical abilities, and with one listen of her new album, it shows. Though it may be true that for Cat "The Stories are Taking Their Toll," the rest of us can sit back and simply enjoy the ride.

  • Keran Sanders (CBC Radio, The Weekend Morning Show):  "The jewel in the crown of all the Manitoba singer/songwriters"
  • Marta Alphonso (Swerve Magazine):  "With vocals as rich as triple-chocolate mousse, Jahnke presents a beautiful sound, and a beautiful look into her intricate life."
  • Jeff Robson (UMFM Radio):  "She's got a poet's way with words, a heart that isn't afraid to be exposed, and an inner rock child that somehow makes even her darker songs upbeat and fun to listen to."
  • Robert Kirbyson (Hollywood Director):  "Having worked with many different composers on various film and television projects, I've found Cat Jahnke to be the most inspired, committed, and enthusiastic collaborator. Cat is a joy to work with and I hope she can score all my future projects"
  • Broose Tulloch (Radio host & Magazine Contributor):  "The songs are well-crafted and sincere, and the subtle harmony vocals ice the cake, but that voice... oh that pretty it's heartbreaking."

Jack Semple

Saturday, May 26/12

Jack SempleJack Semple is one of those rare guitar players who leaves a crowd speechless, one of those players who leaves a crowd in total astonishment, in absolute awe of what they have just experienced. Listening to and watching Jack play fills one with a sense of having witnessed an event in time, one not soon to be forgotten.  Jack Semple is a guitar players - guitar player.  An absolute virtuoso of his art form Jack plays with unparalleled feeling and total technical control.

Now did I mention the man can sing?  Jack has a set of pipes that are smooth as silk and as raw and jagged as rocks cutting through an ocean shoreline.  His vocal talents alone are an event to behold.
Semple has played from Vancouver to Montreal, has worked for CBC radio and TV, won a Juno award, and shared the stage with a wide range of top artists, from Martha Reeves to k.d. lang.  He was the 1992 national winner of the Much Music "Guitar Wars".  If for some reason you can’t come to his performance at Carlson’s on Macleod then I highly recommend getting a copy of his most recent CD release entitled "Tribute to Lightfoot".  

Mothers Day Buffet Dinner at Carlson’s on Macleod

Sunday, May 13, 2012


  • Mixed fresh Greens, Fussili Pasta Salad, Fresh Fruit Tray

  • Slowly Roasted Alberta Beef and Stuffed Chicken Breast with Lemon Tarragon Sauce

  • Roasted Potatoes and Rice, Fresh Vegetable Medley, Bread Basket

  • Selection of Desserts, Regular Coffee or Tea
Music by Mr. Bruce Innes on piano

The High River Library Board presented:

JOHN SCOTT - “Film in the Foothills”

Friday, May 11, 2012

MC – Mike McLean  --  Location:  Carlson’s on Macleod  --   Music by:  Lyndsay Butler

Appetizers provided

Mariya Soetaert     

Friday, April 27/12 

MariyaOne of the things that Mariya is passionate about is sharing the secrets to her success in achieving one of her childhood dreams - becoming a recording artist before graduating from High School.  She travels around to schools talking to students about how to achieve their dreams.

As for her first Album "Mariya"; it has been quite a journey creating the EP.  Four of the songs are originals and one is by one of her most influential Canadian Artists - Ian Tyson.  She has been listening to Ian Tyson in the car on "tapes" since she can remember!  Her original's are stories that she likes to tell through her music.  Some of the songs will have you indentifying with your own relationships, and others will have you laughing at the irony of the story!

Tim Williams

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Imagine, if you can, a front porch where Robert Johnson, Hank Williams, Hula Hattie, Flaco Jimenez and Bob Marley meet often and discover just how much they have in common.

Tim’s music would fit right in.

TIm WIlliams

Born in Southern California, Tim Williams was both a published poet and an emerging coffee house phenomenon by his late teens in the mid-1960s. His first LP recording, Blues Full Circle came out when he was just 20 years old. Although most often known within the context of the blues, Williams grew up hearing (and able to play) everything from the Bob Wills and Sons of the Pioneers music his parents preferred, to the Mexican and Hawaiian music which were part of the musical melting pot of the Los Angeles area.

Quickly mastering acoustic and electric guitar, banjo, and mandolin, Tim was also introduced at a young age to the rudiments of Hawaiian steel guitar by his grandfather. Over a short period of time he became extremely fluent in the Delta bottleneck and Bluegrass Dobro techniques as well. When he moved to Vancouver in 1970, weary of America’s wars and assassinations, he immediately found work as a studio musician playing on gospel, folk and country recordings, plus commercial jingles selling everything from weed killer to Toyotas. In addition, he taught guitar and continued to tour as a headliner in smaller venues and an opening act in the larger ones. His live shows moved away from the “blues-only” approach he had been taking to include more traditional country and western swing music, and his growing body of original songs. The 1974 single “Careful Mountain Pony” was a surprise hit with country radio, but when two follow-ups received critical praise and no sales (and the label went under) Tim left music for a year to work as a horse wrangler in the British Columbia interior.

For the next several years he would vacillate between music and ranch work, releasing two LPs of bluesy country-folk. Following his first appearance at the Edmonton Folk Festival in 1988, Tim returned to performing and writing full time. In addition to his solo work he co-founded the popular acoustic blues trio Triple Threat, and co-produced their JUNO-nominated cd The Terra Firma Boogie. Leaving Triple Threat in 1994 with his solo release Riverboat Rendezvous Tim released several more cds and has continued to tour Canada and much of the rest of the world, spreading his blend of blues, roots and original music with three tours of the United Kingdom, two of Australia, appearances in Cuba and Morocco, as well as producing numerous cds for other artists (another JUNO nomination for Ray Bonneville’s Rough Luck cd) and working in theatre as a composer and musical director (five Betty Mitchell Awards for Outstanding Musical Direction and Outstanding Composition).

Tim has taught at the Hornby Island Blues Camp/Festival, the Bulkley Valley Music Camp, and in clinics for music stores and societies across Canada. His techniques are demonstrated on Blues, Rasg and Slide Guitar from . He has appeared at (this is a very selective list):
The Kerrville Folk Festival (Texas), The Montreal Jazz Festival, The Winnipeg Folk Music Festival, The Australian Blues Music Festival, The Festival of the Plucked String (Rabat, Morocco), The Edmonton Folk Music Festival, The Vancouver Island Music Festival, The Calgary Folk Music Festival, Long Day’s Night Festival, Northwest Folklife Festival (Seattle), Mid-Winter Blues Festival, Festival du Jour du Black et Blues (Montreal) ans theAlberta Scene Festival (Ottawa).

The Amos Garrett Jazz Trio

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Amos GarrettTwo time Juno Award winner, Amos Garrett is revered as one of the top guitar players in Alberta, the reputation Amos Garrett has spent over four decades building, spans beyond the geography of the Prairies, reaching into the U.S. and overseas.

Guitar Player magazine calls him one of the most lyrical and original guitarists playing today...his single note solos and melodic figures are so distinctive that it is virtually impossible to mistake them for anyone else's. Amos Garrett certainly is one of the most accomplished guitar players working today


Larry Vannatta

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Musician, vocalist, prolific song writer; Larry Vannatta has been writing and recording professional songs, for the past twenty years. His smooth vocal talents are clear, and distinctly his own. Matched up with his award winning song writing skills, his new "Working Class Man" twelve song album, has well crafted songs, infectious melodies, heartfelt, positive lyric’s, all backed up with professional recordings and the smooth vocals of Larry Vannatta. The album is directed and emphasizes the importance of everyday working class people and reflects those honest working people who have built our nation with their own two hands: farmers, ranchers, steel, construction workers, blue collar..... "I send my personal thank you for your hard work and labor you give so freely to our great countries. God Bless you all." Larry Vannatta.

Larry is no stranger to the Country music scene; he is a two time Canadian Juno nominee and has just been announced by the Association of Country Music in Alberta as a nominee for male artist and fan choice of the year awards, to be held January 29, 2012. In 2011 Larry received the “Song Writer of the Year” award by the European Country Music Association, with pre-released song “Paradise” off the Working Class Man Album.

"Vannatta’s live performances are salt of the earth, grass roots, pure entertainment."
Festival Coordinator, Camron Noyes for Alberta North and South Country fairs.

“Vannatta has been performing at our Calgary Stampede events for the past three years, at Shaw GMC, Sunridge Nissan, and CMP Motors. His professionalism and live performance is second to none, and he always has a great band behind him. It really has shown in our attendance with each year more and more people are come out to our events.”
World and Professional Chuck wagon Driver; Jason Glass

Larry has three pre-released song off his new album across Europe on Hillcrestcds. “Country Junkie” was the first radio single and it stayed on the ECMA Charts for 18 weeks and was number one for four weeks in a row. The second song “Paradise” stayed on the ECMA charts for 17 weeks and hit number three, as well charted in the top ten on the Deutschland Country Mag Charts. Sixteen Tons was released in late 2011 on Hillcrestcds across Europe and has already hit the top 100 European Country Music Charts and is currently sitting at number 1 in Norway, and number two in Australia and New Zealand.

Larry comes from a musical back ground that he gives full credit to his mom. “When I started my first band Straight Clean & Simple, the best musician I could find was my mom, who ended up playing piano in my band for 18 years. Not too many mother, son bands that I can recall”. Since those early beginnings Larry has taken those strong family values, experience and added them along with his song writing skills and musical friends. He has gained many friendships with fellow musician, peers and artist over the years and employs these musical friends in his band. “I am really lucky to get to do what I love to do, write songs, play music with such great musicians and the best part is we are all family and friends”.

Hoodoo Sons

Friday, March 16, 2012

Hoodoo Sons Reunion...putting the band back together
Formed in Calgary in the late 80's, The Hoodoo Sons became regulars on stage at the legendary King Edward Hotel blues bar...Bill
Dowey, Brad Carter, Tom Knowles and John Rutherford embark on their first gigs back together in more than 15 years.
Between 1990 and 1996 The Hoodoo Sons played the blues and became favorites on the busy Calgary and western Canadian live music scene. The Hoodoo Sons played clubs and festivals often opening concerts for Colin James, The Neville Brothers, Buddy Guy, or on the same bill as Robert Jr. Lockwood, James Cotton and John Lee Hooker. “Regulars” (both as patrons and musicians) during the heyday of the heralded Calgary blues haunt; the King Edward Hotel, the band emerged amidst a vibrant and influential blues scene. Frequently working with visiting artists and routinely (several weeks a year) holding down the “King Eddy”stage with their own funky brand of blues, The Hoodoo Sons learned from and played with many of the greats.
During the last decade and a half each of the members of The Hoodoo Sons have followed separate but not disparate musical paths. Remaining pals and musical colleagues, and working through the years on various projects with one and other, it is only following a recent Saturday afternoon jam encounter that the four friends heeded the call to “put the band back together”.

Lorna MacLachlan (Composer/arranger/pianist/vocalist/educator)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

After 25 years in the music business, Lorna has honed her skills in all of these areas and more. A sought after lecturer, clinician, teacher, composer and performer, she brings a diversified approach to her music.
After completing a master‟s degree in composition, Lorna embarked on a career as a composer providing award winning original music for Theatre Companies; (Theatre Calgary, Lunchbox Theatre), Dance Companies (Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, Springboard Dance Collectives), National media Companies (CBC, Access Network) and a variety of commercial and artistic enterprises across the spectrum of music genres.
While Lorna continues to work on commissioned pieces for various groups (Water Music – written for the City of Calgary), her focus remains on
writing and performing original compositions in her unique Jazz/Folk style and developing her voice as an artist.
Her fourth album, “Time 4 Change”, is due out in May of 2011 and drives home her thoughtful and insightful compositions backed by a killer group of Jazz musicians. In collaboration with producer Claire Lawrence, they have balanced Lorna‟s introspective ballads with her unique rhythm driven Jazz instrument pieces to create a CD for enjoyment by seasoned Jazz listeners to the curious testers of Jazz.
Lorna has always been passionate about music education and believes strongly that great talent exists in a variety of different groups and people that need support and an opportunity to grow. She has taught privately for many years and is a talented educator in the public education system (Jazz Bands, Concert Choirs, Jazz Choirs and orchestras) and has inspired students to gain admission into some of the most competitive post-secondary schools in North America.
Lorna‟s music does not fit into your typical genres such as “Jazz” or “Folk”. As Lorna‟s background is in the classical world as a classical pianist and composer with a graduate degree in theory and composition, but as much as she is a fan of structure she works to avoid sounding contrived. Her music has an organic, natural sound and her lyrics are personal. On top of her formal education, Lorna continues to study and has been heavily influenced by David Braid, Dave Douglas and Hugh Fraser.
Her last CD was very well received and her original music has been featured on CBC‟s “Tonic” played regularly on CKUA and CBC. For more information on upcoming performances please visit the website at In addition to the website, her CDs are available at Megatunes and at her performances.

The Russell de Carle Trio

Friday, March 2, 2012


Friday, February 24, 2012

Bruce Innes is a singer of remarkable style and expressiveness, a gifted songwriter of unique wit and humor, and a consummate performer on acoustic guitar and piano with an impressive command of musical styles ranging from blues and folk to pop and standards reflecting a long musical heritage which includes international top ten hits and gold records. He is an extraordinary musician and a captivating entertainer.
Bruce Innes‟ career has been most fortunate. He has recorded many albums, had hit records, written songs for other notable performers, produced award winning recordings and worked with numerous celebrities. From this background, Bruce crafts a show rich in music, song, entertainment, and musical history punctuated with personal experiences and observations - from an overnight stay in a Mexican hoosegow with Hunter Thompson, to games of baci ball in the Canadian woods with members of the Chad Mitchell Trio, to an all-nighter on a beach after a movie wrap party with one of Hollywood‟s legendary imbibers.
PERFORMING on stage and television throughout the world, APPEARING with fabulous talents such as Joni Mitchell, Josh White, Ray Charles, The Carpenters, Glen Campbell, John Denver, Ian Tyson, and Seals and Croft , WRITING two top ten international hits, PRODUCING The Western
Music Association 2003 album of the year, AIRPLAY world wide for his latest CD, Nothin But The Blues, on blues radio stations in France, Sweden, Spain, U.S., Argentina, and Australia, CONTINUING to collect new fans, friends, and experiences which he weaves into story and song - all of this is a part of the fabric of a very personal performance by a masterful musician and entertainer. Enter as an audience member, become a fan and leave as a friend. This is the hallmark of a Bruce Innes show.


Kelly Jay Fordham

Friday, February 17, 2012 Tickets: $10.00 Show time: 8:00 pm

Kelly Jay FordhamKelly Jay will spin some Rock n' Roll stories & play you the tunes that have stuck with him over the years. Kelly Jay is a yeoman musician and he was the Leader of the iconic boogie band, Crowbar. Kelly Jay was inducted into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame for His song “Oh What A Feeling”.

Mike "Doc Rock" Bromely and Randy O (2 fine stringmen) will be joining Kelly Jay

To Fur With Love Fundraiser for “Heaven Can Wait”

Saturay, February 11, 2012

Heaven Can Wait

  • Afternoon (3:00 pm to 5:00 pm):  A professional photographer will take pictures of you with your pet.  Bring your dog, cat or bird and get a great photograph for only $30.

  • Evening: 5:00 pm to  . . .  Wine, Music, Food, 50/50 Draw, Door Prises and Silent Auction.


Tickets are $25 and they can be purchased at Carlson’s (403-601-8774) or by calling Heaven Can Wait at 403-601-2520


The Beverly Thrillbillies

Friday, February 3, 2012

Calgary‟s newest Rockabilly band called “The Beverley Thrillbillies” will pay Carlson‟s on Macleod a visit on Feb. 3rd.

  • Mike Lownsbrough: Vocals
  • Dave Hamilton: Guitar
  • Kevin Belzner: Drums
  • Mel Wilson: Guitar
  • Neil Bentley: Bass

It‟s fun, fast and furious …

Check out a sound sample... or click play >>





Friday, January 27, 2012

Sarah Macdougall


(With special guest: Gordie Tentrees)

Described by the magazine Rootstime in Belgium as „One of the greatest talents of our era”, and listed as the “2nd best gig” by the major UK newspaper The Independent, becoming the #1 most played artist on Canadian Galaxie Folk/Roots radio, Canadian/Swedish Sarah MacDougall is an upcoming artist who is getting known for her honest and poetic songs, blistering guitar chops, passionate performances, and unique astounding voice. She has been earning rave reviews and topping major music writers top ten album of the year lists as a songwriter since her official debut album Across the Atlantic (2009), all the while producing and engineering her own music. Born in Sweden, “24 hrs Vancouver” called her „one of the most
promising exports out of Sweden since Abba‟, Swedish magazine Nöjesguiden recently declared her “One of Sweden‟s best singer/songwriters”. The debut Across the Atlantic got four-star reviews in such notable publications as Q magazine, the Irish Times, No Depression, and the recent album The Greatest Ones Alive has been gathering 4 and 5 star reviews since its release in August 2011.
Sarah‟s songs have been chosen for onboard entertainment on Lufthansa airplanes twice, on the Fox TV drama ‟15 Love‟, on an ad for Roots Clothing , and she‟s been a semi-finalist on the International Songwriting competition with her song Crow‟s Lament. She has performed live on the Bob Harris BBC2 show in the UK, played several Canadian and International Festivals, performed with such notable artists as Mary Gauthier, Todd Snider, Kimmie Rhodes, and toured with Po‟Girl.

THE GREATEST ONES ALIVE was produced in Vancouver and in Whitehorse with the help of Matt Rogers (Mark Berube, C.R. Avery, The Fugitives), and Bob Hamilton (Kim Barlow, Gordie Tentrees, the Breakmen).
It features ten melodic, beautifully written, epic, and touching songs that showcase the growth in Sarah‟s songwriting and performance skills. It covers themes such as storms (literal and metaphoric), success, growing up, love, friendship, and dying. The album also showcases the musical skills of Tim Tweedale, Shawn Killaly, Patrick
Metzger, and Matt Rogers, with guest appearances by Bob Hamilton, Meredith Bates, Annie Avery, Awna Teixeira, Kim Beggs, Kim Barlow, and
Gordie Tentrees.
Sarah MacDougall is one of the hardest working Canadian artists today, and she won‟t be stopping anytime soon. THE GREATEST ONES ALIVE proves that “Across the Atlantic” wasn‟t a fluke. Sarah‟s voice and songs have the power to „make stones weep‟. (Q Magazine)

Gordie Tentrees will open the Show for Sarah MacDougall
Gordie Tentrees is an international award nominated touring artist from the Yukon.
Gordie is a multi- instrumentalist singer-songwriter – whose traditional roots music resonates with echoes of RL Burnside, The Sadies and Greg Brown – has just released NAKED IN SCANDINAVIA, a live solo album recorded in Helsinki, Finland featuring a collection of story-driven songs, edgy foot-stompers and heart-worn odes that could only be delivered by a veteran road warrior.This former school teacher, breakdancer and golden gloves boxer has toured from Newfoundland to Finland to Oklahoma and back again, averaging 200 concerts a year. Watch for him in 2012!
"Tentrees is so relaxed and unpretentious it's impossible to not get dragged into his world" NO DEPRESSION " In the rough cut vein of Fred Eaglesmith or Kelly Joe Phelps, Tentrees is gifted" GLOBE & MAIL
2010 Western Canadian Music Award Nominee
2010 International Song Competition Finalist
2010 Olympic Games Best of Canada Performance

Tickets: $10.00 Show time: 8:00 pm


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